Hey you! yes you, the one who is always there for your beloved ones, the one who is working hard to support your family and/or friends, the one who is struggling with the life when things are hard.

¿Does anyone, at least one time, told you that is ok not be ok??!

Let me tell you this… THAT´S FINE! you dont need to pretend that you are happy the 365 days of each year, that you dont feel sadness, or anxiety, or worried, or even anger! you are a human being, you have the RIGHT of not being ok! so just cry, scream, take a time for yourself, have a date with yourself, to get your thoughts clear and together, to review what you are doing and how you feel about that. To let your soul free and to drop the negative things that you have accumulated.

Take a time to make a pause and ask yourself if you are who you want to be, to ask yourself if you are where you want to be!

Sometimes, due to different factors, we feel that if we do not stand strong and complete, the world will fall apart, but hey, that´s just not fair to you. You cannot always control what surounds you, but you definetely can control how you react to those things that happens to you.

So take a deep breath, and if after you ask yourself who you are, or where are you, the response is not even close to what you truly want, feel free to restart the game and to start placing each thing where they are supposed to be! remember that this is YOUR LIFE, YOUR CHANCE, YOUR TIME! as long as you dont hurt un purpose no one, feel free just to avoid or to include people or situations or things that does good to your life, and to help you to achieve your goals and dreams!

One step at a time, throw whatever is stopping you or disturbing you or even distracting you, take a time to just look up to the sky and to release your sorrows and ask God for strength and wisdom, to get away for all the hate, the evil, the stress and sadness of life, and fullfill your soul again with good vibes!

We always have a chance to make the things right, and to start one more time.

Remember…If you have your hands filled with unwanted stuffs ¿how are you supposed to grab the one that you do want?, Just let it go!

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Tengo 27 años! Me apasiona vivir y amo a mi familia por sobre todas las cosas!, infinitamente agradecida con Dios por su misericordia y su amor. Estoy en el camino de emprender :)

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